The DFC and DFO Series linear output actuator's large diaphragm area
allows for low-pressure operation, and the spring provides fail safe
positioning of a control valve on loss of pneumatic supply. Model DFC
actuators are fail closed and Model DFO actuators are fail open.
DFO___ _____DFC

The Model DFLP pneumatic piston actuator is designed for high powered demanding applications. Multiple mounting configurations and actions can easily be achieved due to the universal design.

Model DFLP Actuator with
370 Control Valve

The Model DFR
can accept a splined shaft or square stub, making for easy
automation of valves, louvers, dampers or any other quarter turn application. A CNC machined steel lever offers a higher factor of safety than
a cast steel lever which makes DFR actuators stronger than most
competitors. The rigid structure is also a stable base for accurate and
repeatable performance.
4" 560 Body with DFR070 Actuator
& Siemens PS2 Digital Positioner

The Model DFRP
The Model DFRP pneumatic piston rotary actuator is used in all kinds of demanding applications involving splined shaft rotary control valves, such as the Dyna-Flo 590 and 570 Series valves. The linkage of this actuator can be positioned for either push-down-to-open or push-down-to-close action.
DFRP Actuator with
Model 590 Control Valve

The Model DFN is a bracket-mounted, direct acting, spring and diaphragm
actuator. Common applications include operation of butterfly valves, chokes,
and louvers. The steel welded design provides necessary stability and
reliability under extreme working conditions.

DFN 2069 Actuator
The Dyna-Flo D-Force actuator is a rugged dual piston scotch yoke
actuator designed specifically for automation of quarter turn valves. The torque curve closely matches the requirements of valves that have a lower running torque with higher breakout and re-seat torques. The compact
design also makes it a good choice for almost any application where space
is limited. Check out the features for more details!

D-Force Actuator
The Dyna-Flo Large D-Force actuator is a rugged single piston (dual piston for double acting) scotch yoke actuator designed specifically for automation of quarter turn valves. These actuators transform linear piston movement into a 90O rotating movement for ideal break and run torque. Available in a wide range of sizes for use with a variety of pressure ratings, the D-Force actuator line is a reliable choice for applications requiring a piston rotary actuator.

Large D-Force Actuator

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