Dyna-Flo is committed to quarter turn ball valve automation and instrumentation. We carry a wide range of
actuators including:
  • _Rack & Pinion
  • _Scotch Yoke
  • _Spring & Diaphragm
  • _Hydraulic Self Contained
  • _Electric
We are the Canadian National representative for Radius rack & pinion actuators. The Radius actuator is a
heavy duty long lasting versatile actuator, which has become a leader in the Alberta oil & gas industry. Typically
these actuators are used for ESD (emergency shutdown) applications. Combine it with our Siemens Valve
Positioner, and you have an effective control package as well.

In applications where supply pressures are too low for a piston style actuator we recommend using one of our
DFR Series. Typical ranges are 0-18 and 0-33 psig. These are rotary diaphragm spring return actuators ideally
suited for control and ESD applications.

Dyna-Flo can provide actuator mounting on any manufacturers ball valve. Our certified trained technicians are
able to install, test, and service all products we supply.

Our extensive background in control valve instrumentation gives the needed expertise in providing, mounting
and testing accessories as well. Dyna-Flo can supply any accessories related to quarter turn valve automation,
such as:
  • _Solenoid Valves
  • _Quick Exhaust Valves
  • _Speed Controls
  • _Limit Switches
  • _Pressure Pilots

For more information on this area, please CONTACT US knowledgeable sales team.

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