The 5000 Level Controllers utilize an innovative relay manifold design
providing easy maintenance and greater safety. Unique access to the seal
around the displacement arm allows for effortless maintenance without
disrupting the vessel connection. The 5000 is field adjustable from direct to
reverse acting without additional parts.
5000 Level Controller

The Dyna-Flo 4000 Series pneumatic pressure controllers are the "brains" of a self contained, local pneumatic PID control loops. The pressure controller detects the process pressure using a Bourdon tube. The process pressure is then compared to an operator manually adjusted set point, which in turn modulates the controller output. The controller pneumatic output is connected to a final control device, typically a control valve, that changes the process pressure.

4000 Pressure Controller
Open and Unmounted
The Dyna-Flo 4000 Low Bleed controller is specially designed to reduce supply air/gas consumption. Significant reductions in the steady state bleed rates reduce emissions on fuel gas supply applications as well as instrument air consumption on plant applications. The result is a lower operating cost and less environmental impact.

Low Bleed Controllers will pay for themselves after 1 year of use.
4000 Low Bleed
Pressure Controller

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