AMOT Model 4023 3-Way Pressure Sensing Valve can be used in a 2 or
3-Way capacity, pressure sensing valve. This valve is ideal for applications
that require compressor suction and discharge pressure sensing at high
pressure levels. Dual purpose construction provides a wide latitude of
applications and permits easy field adjustment or changeover from trip on
falling to trip on rising pressure by changing the port piping and re-adjusting
the setting. Trip settings are adjustable in eight ranges from 18 psi falling to 7600 psi rising pressure. The 4023 valve is suitable for use on air, hydraulic, or gas control systems with control system pressure up to 125 psi.

AMOT Model 4057 or 4457 Valves were developed for use in manual and
automatic hydraulic or pneumatic control systems. They offer versitility in
operating requirements and allowable pressure limits. For a 1/4" size
control valve, they offer exceptional flow capacity. These valves are suitable
for use on clean air, natural gas, L.P. gases, petroleum-base lubricants and
hydraulic oils as well as many other fluids.
Model 4023 & 4057
3-Way Sensing Valves
The Argus Self-Contained Hydraulic ESD System was designed with concern
for environmental impact. This highly dependable, zero emission shutdown
ESD system requires no external power source. Made for local or remote
locations, the Argus Hydraulic ESD System features a sealed system,
manual override, and simplified control circuit.

Other features include: non-foaming hydraulics, filtered hydraulics,
automatic arming, non-latching start up, modular design and enhanced
safety. The Maximum Stystem Supply Pressure is 1500 psi (10,342 kPa)
and the Temperature Range is -50°F to 200°F (-46°C to 93°C).

Self-Contained Hydraulic ESD

ASCO offers the world's largest selection fo General Service 2, 3, and 4 way
valves to handle virtually any application. ASCO valves are available in
brass, stainless steel, plastic and aluminum. Diaphragms and seats come in
a wide range or resilient materials. Enclosures are available to operate from
-40°F to 392°F (-40°C to 200°C) in normal and hostile or explosive

General Service valves are available to control air, water, light oil and inert
gas. Pipe sizes of 2 way solenoid valves are available from 1/8" to 3". Pipe
sizes of 3-way solenoid valves range from 1/8" to 1". The pipe size range of
4-way solenoid valves is 1/8" to 1". Many optional features are available.

Dyna-Flo currently stocks the Model 8320 and 8314 solenoid valve. Other
models are available for same day delivery.
ASCO ESD Control (Solenoid Valves)

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