The Series A double acting and spring return pneumatic rack and pinion
actuators from Radius™ offer uncompromising standards of safety, reliability
and value. The Series A rack and pinion actuators are designed to operate
"quarter-turn valves". The wide torque range capabilities ensure that
Radius™ is more than suitable for plug, ball, butterfly valve and damper
__Namur accessory mounting surfaces are standard on all Radius™ actuators for attachment of anciliary control devices. High visibility two-part position indicator may have upper portion removed to expose external Namur drive shaft for simple attachment of Namur accessory devices while retaining position indicating capability.

Radius Series A Pneumatic Actuator


The PS2 is a digital smart valve positioner with onboard programming and
HART ready. It has an LCD screen for visual programming and diagnostics,
which means the PS2 doesn not require a handheld.

Siemens SIPART® PS2 with
Explosion-proof Casing and regular PS2

The 760 positioner is a pneumatic positioner and can be used with linear
or part-turn valves. Additional components can be added, such as:
a 4-20 mA module, internal limit switches, high flow CV module, or position
indicator windows.

Siemens Series 760 Valve Positioner

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