Dyna-Flo started as a repair service company back in 1993. At that time we
were two people strong with a combined 20 years experience with Fisher
Service Co. "We haven't forgot our roots", Dyna-Flo today is over 80 people
strong with a powerful focus on customer service. We continue to provide a
top quality control valve service, with customer satisfaction as our primary
concern. Our capabilities range from the smallest regulators to the largest
control valves with all the support expertise that is required to assure critical
specifications are met and customer requirements are fulfilled.

To compliment our service department, our applications department can
provide expert consultation services to help solve process issues related to
control. Whether you have a valve that does not work, or you need one that
does, we can help provide you with a solution.

All valves repaired by Dyna-Flo are put through a systematic procedure to
ensure total quality control and customer satisfaction.
  • _All information is entered on computer for an Initial Scope Report.
  • _Repair instructions for valve are obtained from the customer and
    _entered into the computer before the valve is disassembled,
    _pre-disassembly diagnostics are available upon request.
  • _Valve is disassembled and cleaned to customer's repair requirements.
  • _Valve Disassembly Inspection Report is completed and estimate is
  • _Valve condition and repair costs are communicated to customer.
  • _Parts are either ordered from Dyna-Flo or *Fisher (customer
  • _Repairable metal parts are reconditioned.
  • _All parts are inspected by our Quality Control Department before any
    _installation begins.
  • _Valve is then reassembled and orientated as recieved.
  • _Valves are tested to O.E.M specifications (i.e. seat leakage, operational
    _test and hydro test).
  • _Tests are witnessed by a Quality Control Inspector.
  • _Assembly Report completed on computer.
  • _Valve is packaged for shipping with all reports including: Initial Scope,
    _Disassembly, Reassembly, Parts Used, and Valve Testing.

We have the ability to do large scale in-house plant maintenance - shutdowns
with each and every valve going through the Dyna-Flo repair procedure to
meet customer requirements.


If the valves cannot come to us, then we can go to the valves and repair them
right in line. Dyna-Flo has many years of experience repairing various types
of control valves, actuators, and instruments.


Send us your used trim, and we can repair it to 'like new' conditions. This
includes machining, welding, and applying special coatings. If the trim cannot
be repaired it can be replaced with a new manufactured Dyna-Flo product.

Check our products section to view a list of replacement parts manufactured
by Dyna-Flo.
*FISHER is a registered trademark of Fisher Controls International, Inc. Fisher International, Inc. is not
associated or affiliated with Dyna-Flo in any way, nor has Fisher Controls sponsored, approved, or
otherwise reviewed any products made, sold, or re-manufactured by Dyna-Flo.

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